japanese tea room

hello everybody
I made that japanese tea room inspired on japanese movies
I hope you like :evilgrin:

software: Blender 3D, Yafaray, Photoshop


If you’re aiming for realism, your doing a great job, I think you just need to fix some of the lighting and materials for it to be more realistic. If you’re aiming for that, then its great :slight_smile:

That’s really good! How long did it take you? Did you make the textures yourself?

hey ultrasuperbox, thnx for your comment
I searched the realism in this work but I’m still learning a few tricks in blender but I quite liked the result.
I think next will stay perfect

Great job :smiley: I love every aspect of it, nothing to critique :wink: and just wondering, do you know what that poster translates to in english?Just curious :slight_smile:

hey pkhs, Glad you liked
I took two weeks to finish it
the texture of the carpet I did in corel draw x3

I would say those sun rays on the wall have the look of white-space. Otherwise this is a very realistic rendition of a Japanese tea room. The shadowing of all the lighting is spot on.

missmajor thnx for your comment, you got me now, one of the words of the poster is harmony, the other unfortunately I do not know although I like much of Japanese culture lol
I swear I wanted to know it too


belo trabalho
the words of the picture is happiness, peace, health, hope

haha thnx julio u saved me

very nice!

Aww, that’s so cute :slight_smile: Lovely shadows mate, I’m a big fan of Japanese culture too :slight_smile: