java and blender

how to import blender’s function to java?
i want to create an IHM java to manipulate and modify blender’s object.

Google term “inter process communication”

excuse me but i don’t understand you. can you explain more if you have an exemple please?

why java? getting two languages to interact isnt easy. unless your doing this for educational reasons or for entertainment, then its just not practical.

Just entertainment. I look for a solution with java or python or C++

You’d better go with python as it’s what blender is using for lot of addons and scripts.

but i ask for how can i do that???

By using the text editor of blender to create or load a .py script and run it ?

my question is how to create IHM. i started with PyQT won text editor of blender, and now i wat to add object of blender in my IHM

A question could be, Why do you absolutely not want to use blender UI like all other addons do, and want to make something else ? Because you seems to not have a lot of answer… that can be explained by your “strange choice” (i mean strange but don’t take it bad).

yes it 's strange but i create an application for somme users whose don’t understand and don’t like blender interface. that’s why i want to create an interface simple and intuitive.

Second the replies above, some more background info is required here. But as I may suggest, you’re practicing to combine both Java and Blender for the first time, huh? If so, I got you, because I try the same thing, but it’s still unclear to me at some level. Things come easy to me as we speak of Blender, but Java is quite new thing to me. Like, errrr, new-new, I’ve started just 2 months ago with it. Despite the term is short, I may suggest you to find the solution at least for function’s import with this resource to learn java Maybe, you won’t need to browse the whole resource from scratch, but nevertheless it will come in use in order to keep some basic things in mind, to not to forget anything. But we should know what the thing you’re exactly doing in order to give some more comprehensive solutions

What is IHM?

He speak in french, it means GUI. IHM is “Interface Homme machine”.

Thanks for the explanation.

This GUI is outside of Blender?

You can use BDX

Did you ever find a solution? I have no experience with Blender and know only Java.

My company kind of have an R&D requirement where we need to build a Java application that can communicate with blender (through api calls or somehow) and need to execute the blender specific actions through Java.

What is the feasibility of this? Is it even possible to do such a thing?

For some reason I am not able to access blender docs and python api urls to check further.