JAVA .blend Installation

Je voudrais installer et utiliser java avec Blender mais je ne sais pas comment installer java .blend.
J’ai regardé le lien mais ils explique pas comment.
Pouvez vous m’offrir un tutorial ou des pistes pour l’installer?

The only way is to “unzip” the file you downloaded somewhere.

I had tried that project with eclipse and succeed to launch from source code some months ago.

thank you for our reponse. Can you detail our answer please? how to import it on eclipse? how to connect eclipse with blender?

This library is for modifying .blend files, it is independent from the Blender program and it does not connect to Blender. I’m not aware of any way to script Blender with Java. Blender uses Python for scripting. Learn Python and forget about Java.

The guy who made the code says something about running it as an ant build using the xml file, not sure how you would do that in Eclipse or even if that would be the way to get useful results.