java game released, I made the animated sprites for it :)

A VERY good friend(been even working with him in same company long ago; I was the only one gfx, he the main coder) of mine and I -he’s really good in java programming- have done a game for mobile phones. I collaborated in making the main character 2d sprite and animations, and the enemies ones also. All the other graphics, music and the code is made by him.

Sprites are 32x32… I use to do mostly real time 3d(some high) and 2d (but very high res 2d)…this is nice for a change :slight_smile:

Here’s his site :

And some screens :

Hehe,.,that looks very cute.
I like cute.

Thanks, JoOngle :slight_smile:

Can you make a browser version for us people without phones so we can play it?

i second that

Me to :smiley:

I’d really love to…
that’s the problem when you want to make a bit of money…

all seem to go then under a lot of secret…

The idea is see if it sells, as we both need money :frowning:

Indeed, the game is quite humoristic and I’d really like to show.
BTW, is not easy to play.LOL, I’m stuck in level 3 and can’t pass it… hehe

He says I’m too bad playing these oldies :smiley:

I’ve allways be of the kind of giving all away free…is just now I need some bucks… (I’ve given away 3d models for games and many other stuff…) …and he is in similar situation…

I posted here mainly to show the screenies, more than anything :slight_smile: I don’t pretend people at Elysium to buy it. :wink:

If we ever do some of this stuff for free, I’ll for sure post it here… :slight_smile:

i would get it on my phone i just cant for 2 reasons

1: i got no money on my phone

2: my phone went through the washing machine now the screen is very very faint


2: my phone went through the washing machine now the screen is very very faint

That was silly of you :stuck_out_tongue:


heh I’m surprised it still works at all.

heh I’m surprised it still works at all.[/quote]

yeh me too i just took it all apart and put a hair dryer to it i was very lucky, lol the phone was only like 6months old

game looks awsome man,
you should post a link were people could buy it from, if their is such a thing.
i think those characters would be popular in a kids book, haha just kidding dude, great work.
wish i could play it, but i dont even have a cell phone, someone gave me one once and it has been in the same spot in my car for two years, never used
anyway good luck dude, it looks like a winner, i dont think their enough cool games like this for cell phones yet, if i was you i would be contacting cell phone companies and game makers trying to sell the crap out of this thing
get on it man! good luck.

hey, you can buy it clickin on the “Get it” link that is in the gamepage :), here :

It shows several phones for which you can buy it. :slight_smile:

I am very glad you like the game appereance :slight_smile:

It’s been fun to make it :slight_smile:


Sorry, I am not posting just to bump it, but because my friend -the java coder- told me he made a demo version, limited to one level, one monster, a *.jar file you can pass to your phones, provided it’s one of those listed in his page…

I have played that demo now (as I am quite used to the original game, and I have an n-gage for testing) and is cool, but…well, much better the game with the 3 monsters and the 10 levels. is just a tiny flavour of it. And btw, quite easier :wink: . In the game, specially in very latest levels it can get really hard :smiley:

Well, the demo can be copied by bluetooth or whatever you use to pass files to the phone, or… now can also be downloaded from Handango, kindof mms mesage, so people don’t have to mess with stuff. I pass files with an usb cable, but seems there are easier methods :slight_smile: