javitlen dwarf ranger.

(cremisi) #1

I have been putting off learning how to use Cycles for a while now but I guess I got to start somewhere , so for this scene I am going to use Cycles finally and when texturing and material time comes I will need all the help I can get , as what usually is a walk in the park for me in blender render is a problem for me in Cycles since I never used it before .

The scene I am doing involves a dwarf on an outer territory post in contact with some kind of an enemy , I am not shooting for realistic look nor cartoonish but somewhere in between probably a fantasy theme .

I am using these images for inspiration .

Looking at the last image from the bottom I realized that I would be using more than just a theme since I like it a lot so I contacted the artist ( Diego Gisbert Llorens ) and his exact words were "Go for it! And show me the results. I´ll be a total b… if they are not good! " …lol talk about pressure .

My Blender time is limited for now , but ill post progress as I go on and I am hoping ill get help from you guys with Cycles when texturing time comes .

I like to start with Noses , somehow it works for me and it makes my life easier when modeling a face .

I attached it to a primitive basic head mesh made from a smooth subdivided cube and ill model the head from there , this nose is destined for greatness :evilgrin: , and here is what I have so far .

(cremisi) #2

Planned the loops and I wanted to make sure he looks like the kind of guy that you do not want to run into and as bad a…s…s as possible , so I angled the brow area and the forehead to really exaggerate it

from here I modeled the head opened the eyes and added basic lips which I like the way they look already ill probably leave them as is , I did the mouth bag which I wont need , I did extrude geo for ear modeling , I want to do it for practice since ears are a pain , I will probably delete it later when I put a helmet on him , I am kind of surprised as the head looks exactly how I pictured it to be .

I rounded the top of the head a little with proportional edit but i did not like it , ctr-z that , and i am leaving it the way it is , i think the head is done , might need some clean up later .

ill do some body Geo tomorrow .

(cremisi) #3

I normally would add the eye balls way early on but I forgot , I deleted the eye loops and now I have to wrap this eye around the eye ball , I hate this part .

(cremisi) #4

I did the body , hands , fixed the eyes but I still need to fix the corner eye , proportions are wrong though for a dwarf I keep forgetting he is short lol … easy fix .


(cremisi) #5

I extruded some of the armor parts .

Most of the time I spent adding detail to the helmet its looking good so far , I still need to clean it up .

I did the boots and added some armor detail to it , that skirt gave me a hard time , I wanted the bottom part pushing out and at the same time it needed to wrap around the body nicely , finally with a combination of proportional edit and skew with rotate also I had a pivot point curser it worked , and I thought this was going to be the easiest part .

ill do some clean up and add some more parts of the armor next.

(cremisi) #6

I added a belt with some armor stuff and did some clean up , I removed that armored piece I had by the neck area , I did not like it , I am trying to figure out another way to do it .

I watched a Cycles tut added a basic material and did a test render , I see a few problems I need to fix on his chin and some other things , although he will have a huge beard .

ill add some detail to the armor next and go from there .

(cremisi) #7

I worked on this Cloak thing or whatever its called and added some hair which is suppose to be Fur type of thing , its still a mess and I am cleaning that up and as far as that Fur goes I am going to mess with it later I am not in a hair mood , this is what I have so far with that .

(cremisi) #8

I cleaned up that cloak a little bit I still need to go over it one more time .

I started to work on an Axe and also I am going to do a Hammer , I did a quick knife but I am not sure I am going to use it .

I modeled the rings that are going to wrap around the beard they are not final though .

Here is what I have so far .

I have a dilemma , I like to do this beard somehow .

I am looking at it and I am having hair nightmares already , I am trying to think of how should I approach this and the first option is to model some kind of a base and try to work with that , the sec option is to emit the hair from his face \chin area and model the hair threw those rings (this option scares me ) the third is to actually model that beard and use a combo of texture and some little hair .

I posted on the modeling forum for some ideas on this I got no replies lol , so if anyone has any ideas on the simplest way to approach this beard please go ahead and shoot ideas at me .

(DA3054) #9

He seems to have a very narrow/long face for a dwarf!
Seems like with the hair being that tightly bound having it as a mesh wouldn’t be a problem, and would save the trouble and render times of dealing with particle hair.

(cremisi) #10

yes I caught that too , good eye , I was debating widening his face the other day , I went ahead and did that , still stuck at that beard I am going to do a few quick tests on it .

(cremisi) #11

Ok so this beard is killing me , I made a simple base to emit the hair from , the closest I got to getting the hair to wrap around the inside of the rings is by emitting the hair in sections but still then the hairs are not cooperating after they come out , I think if I spread out those rings some more apart ill have more room to work with the hair , but still even if I do that I am not sure its going to look descent .

this is the render I got .

ill try to modify the base and spread apart the rings and see if that works .

(cremisi) #12

I am leaving that beard for now its getting on my nerves , ill get back to it later .

I am doing a few renders with basic Mats and Tex , I wanted to see if what I have in mind for colors especially for the Fur on that Robe is going to look ok , just getting general idea’s , I was going to add the seems and get some UV’s going but I decided to do that when I am completely done with modeling and cleaning , I still need to model the Ghouls so ill start on that , mean while Ill just do a few renders so I am clear on the over all basics .

here is a render on the Robe , the Hairs color looks like what I had in mind for it so far , its just a simple color ramp with different yellows , browns and some grey .

Tomorrow ill start working on modeling the Ghoul and ill do clean up .

(cremisi) #13

I cleaned up and did a render , I see very few minor issues I need to fix , should take a min , I am leaving adding the details till later , going to start on modeling the ghouls , I could no find any good references on them to what I have in mind so I am going to wing it .

here is the render after I cleaned , I left a lot of stuff out of it to save render time .

(RBancone) #14

Interesting thread! Waiting for materials and more renders! Keep it up :slight_smile: !

(cremisi) #15

Modeling the ghouls , I should have all the main topology in place quickly then ill model it .

(cremisi) #16

I should get this ghoul done shortly , now that I have all the topology I need in place . Ill need two mb three of those for the scene , so ill have to duplicate the final modeled one and add some variations in the topology and size .

ill model this tomorrow .

(cremisi) #17

Have not had time to blend but I am almost done with this Ghoul , did some stuff on him last night , I am going to do the feet , hands and add some detail then clean up .