Jazz Guitar(first real blender model)

I’ve got most of the guitar done, need a few minor details and string.
I don’t know how to texture. If anyone could help me with that part that would be rad.

This should help you with Texturing:


And it looks really good for your first model! Better than mine. I don’t quite like the shape of the actual guitar body, but that might just me. Looking good so far. Good luck on the texturing, I still barely know how to do it… lol

The guitar is supposed to have a cutaway, but I’m not sure how to make the cutaway while maintaining the rest of the shape of the body. I can’t quite figure out how to make the strings either.

In B rendering it’s the easiest thing of the world, just load the picture :stuck_out_tongue:
Jazz guitars have a different shape… And holes sometimes. And they ain’t green.

I know they typically aren’t green, although they could be. I want to make it wood grain but I have no idea on how to do the texture. I just gave it a cut out and am going to try some texturing. I will post some new pictures later.

P.S. What make of guitar are those?

Just use this one. (Generated in Wood Workshop)

So I tried to texture the body. Didn’t work so good, this is the result and a picture of my uv map which is probably where the problem stems from, any ideas?

Well, for one you good do a better render, that one’s too dark to see any details, do several view shots and increase the lighting until all the details are clear. Knock out the annoying blue background too.

The light is right in front of it in that picture but the black part of my texture is in the wrong spot so almost the whole thing is black.

How do I change the blue background?