Jeannot Landry Holiday Snowman Project Blender 2.8 & eevee

Here is a rendered shot and a showcase video of little project I am working on. Now I need to rig the snowman and make him move a bit, then I can animate a camera in there and add some Happy Holiday message or something.

Blender 2.8 & eevee ROCKS!


Well done, the snow shader looks great!

@jbattersby Thanks :slight_smile: Its all procedural.! But I also have the perfect references. I just have to look outside, plenty of snow here in New-Brunswick Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a rendered turn table of my Holiday Snowman project.
This took only 1hr to render a total of 360 frames (average of 12 seconds per frames). Now I see where I need to tweak the snow material specular values (too shiny like ice) as well as the falling snowflakes which are too fast…

Some modifications done on this version, got a better control over the snowflakes, better DoF and added some comp. Full size 1080p. Took 2hrs to render all 360 frames at 20 samples.

Rendered test of my holiday scene looking up at the sky, added some wind in the trees and I think the effect is rather believable :slight_smile: Created and rendered in Blender 2.8 with eevee render. Took on average 7 seconds per frame to render, rendered 550 frames to test. Took exactly 1hr to render :slight_smile: I am happy with how that came out :wink:

Here is a still for like desktop BG, its a rather nice BG :P, could be nice for a postcard or even a greeting card hehe

There’s always room for one more holiday movie. Bring on the cute fuzzy creatures playing in the snow! :+1:

As you see, Eevee is actually fast enough to get it done before summertime.

@sundialsvc4 Hehehe, I actually think I can finish it before Christmas :slight_smile: