Jedi Finn - Critique Wanted

If possible, I’d like a critique on the clothes! I’m trying to lean into the ‘Clone Wars’ vibe,

Some of the notes I’ve made myself:

Inspired by Hirrez’s art:


And for giggles, here’s a posed version of the model with a lightsaber model by Manuel W. on Sketchfab

The chara looks good in the first place (not like the usuall creepy first atempts :sweat_smile: ) , you own comments are good, and the final test shows a good face mimic. So just go on…

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I’m glad to hear the face looks good! You should have seen some of my first attempts at recreating actors faces lol

Currently reworking the boots. I plan on UVing and working on a normal map to add in the rest of the folds for all the fabric.

Fixed the boots, and added more folds in the clothes. Working on textures and adding some normal maps for more folds. I’ve also added a rig using the Auto Pro Rig so I can pose it once I finish textures.

I went through a couple rounds of texturing back and forth between the concept art and the Clone Wars Style. I think I like how this looks so far but I might tweak it some more later on down the line.

I also need to clean up the weight paints but I got excited and wanted to pose him already lol

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I think I might be finished! I would love to hear if anything seems out of place.

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