Jedi Starfighter

(Socksy) #1

This is my attempt at a jedi starfighter. The cockpit still needs a lot of work but I’m rather pleased with everything else.

(Jason H) #2

Umm, Nice red X for me! Maybe its just me. Can anyone else see it?

(Socksy) #3

OK, I’ll try that again
(click to enlarge)
I’m new to this image hosting stuff.

(Robin) #4

You could add a bit mare details. And the texture of the ships body make it look like it is not a complete ship. It looks like the wings is not attached to the body. Image shack is easy to use here’s a link for it

(white_volg) #5

Yeah the wings really do look completely detached… Maybe intersect the meshes more? I don’t know… I’m a total newb myself and have the artistic talent of a horsefly…But I am a mechanical junkie

(Robin) #6

Try change texture.