Jeep + Environment ( Jeep Wilys 1942)

Hey Everyone!

Thought I’d quickly introduce myself through a current blender project of mine. I’m modeling the Jeep Willys 1943 model, but I really want to add a story telling value by adding lots of objects and an environment as well. There’s still lots I have to model in terms of the actual car, but here’s how its is for the moment. I’ll be posting more stuff soon!

I actually learned 3D by using 3DS Max, but in my uni we’re also learning blender and apart from the extensive shortcuts that are involved in the workflow, it wasn’t too much of a hassle to get deeper into blender. Plus, I’ve wanted to get serious in 3D for a while and relaly be a part of the blender community, it’s really amazing to see just how far an open source community can get, Blender is simply incredible! I’ve been missing out on the fun haha :smiley:

Just a quick introduction, I’m actually a concept artist and illustrator, I’m 19 and studying 3D Design in the CAD (College of Advertising and Design in Brussels, Belgium). I thought adding 3D to my toolset would allow me to get more opportunities aside from the fact of giving REAL (well almost…) life to my characters and environments. You can check my portfolio here:

rendered in cycles

looks good. welcome to the blender community. and yes, blender is quite amazing. people used to scoff at me when I said it would be competitive with commercial packages some day, but it seems to be getting there.

It looks like you’ve got a good base to work off of, Luis! Do you have an idea of what kind of environment you’d like to put it in when you’re done?
I saw some of the work on your site, it looks very good! You must work very hard to produce so many works.

@Modron Thanks! Feels good to be here :slight_smile: Blender definitely is amazing, who knows, maybe in just a few years Blender could become THE “industry standard”

@James Cheers! The environment will definitely be quite grungy, dirty and moody to really sell the whole “military” aspect, but I’m not too sure yet if I’m going to make the Willys take up most of the camera’s space or have the vehicle be smaller to be able to see more of the environment. I’ll do a few sketches and post them up here with the next batch :slight_smile:
Thanks man! :yes:

Another update! Did a quick paint over on a viewport screenshot to demonstrate the final render scene I’m going for :slight_smile:

(here’s the screenshot:)

Also continued modeling some other things, I stumbled upon a really nice image of a toy featuring this jeep model:

Still a few other things I want to add, but it’s almost done! Next up is creating the environment!

btw, blender cashes when I try to render the scene with all the wheels included, I tried installing a previous version of blender to see if that was the problem, any body have any suggestions? thanks!

You’re making quick work, Luis, great to see that! Your paintover is very nice. In answer to your issue with Blender crashing, I’m not sure what would be causing it. I can’t imagine your tire models are so high poly that Blender can’t handle them, maybe it is a bug. Is it a specific tire that causes the crash when you show it? If so, try deleting that tire and duplicating it from the original. Also, try renaming it perhaps. Sometimes long names will cause issues. Let us know if you continue to have a problem with it.

You do know that you need to render the wire in Blender Internal not Cycles right? Just checking, seen a lot of cycles on the thread so I figured I would ask.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@James CandyThank you!! I tried renaming but still crashed, and all the tires are duplicates. However I tried rendering only the tires and blender didn’t crash. Also enabled the rendered view mode in the viewport with the tires and only there could I see the entire vehicle, this is weird haha :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try re modeling the wheels to see if that’s the issue. Thanks for your input!

@Jamesabels I had absolutely no idea! Thanks :slight_smile:

Some more progress (sky texture super low quality, just wanted to test out if it worked or not), followed a great tutorial on cgcookie for the sea simulation, surprisingly easier than I thought it would be! Also followed a tutorial for the rocks, here are the links if interested.

Finally figured out what was making Blender crash at render time, my teacher at uni looked at my file and saw that there was a problem with the actual wheels, I hadn’t modelled them well and had to merge my array moddifier on the wheels as well. so I remodelled that part and now it works :slight_smile:

Going to start texturing the vehicle and then working on the overall environment, it’s way too “funky” right now haha