Jeep's HMC #13

I’m going to be tryin to do this contest over at cgsociety,
the topic is something from the louvre.
I’m going to model this guy:
I have a month to do it:eek:
here’s my progress so far over the weekend -
all help is appriciated :spin:

wow! just wow! you did all that in one weekend I think you can make the deadline its really good. It looks like him to.

Daam man very nice head… and u hv a lot of work to do xD but I think u can doit also… keep going!

hey thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
i’m glad you think it looks good, i think i’ll start sculpting the hair pieces next…hope that goes ok

Wow, great job getting the face to look like the sculpture! you nailed it!

I assume this is a base mesh for sculpting? If not you will have to add lot’s more details if you want to prevail in the HMC. Good Luck and well try to help as good as we can.

Could you show a wire of the head?

Wow, this looks excellent so far.

The sculpture is a good choice for the contest also.


thanks everybody :slight_smile:
musk, you’re right, thats a basic mesh that im now sculpting details in :eek:
ok so i sculpted the hair for his head, now i need to do eyebrows and beard/mustache

Which brush and mode did you use to do the hair? Did you use a texture? I’m creating a base model where I also have to sculpt hair and I’d be really interested how you approach this.
Coming along great.

nothing special here, i just bumped the resolution to 4 or 5 per mesh and draw with ‘sub’ on so it cuts away. then i use smooth to make it flow better, but i didnt use a tex

not a big update, but i just didnt want this thread to get buried
did the eyebrows, eyes, and mustache, starting on the beard…ill finish the beard sometime this week

The hair looks good, but his expression isn’t quite right. More terrified than pleading imo.

hm… i see what you mean
is it that the eyes are open too much?

You should pull his eyebrows closer together, and maybe close his eyes a bit. Look carefully at the original and pay attention to the exact shape of the eyes and the eyebrow. In a sad/pleading face, the eyebrows would pull together, and the center would be raised while the outer side would be lowered, the shape of the eyes would follow the same general idea.

The mouth would be tricky. the only suggestion I can give is to just keep trying different things. Could we see a side view?

But I must say, it looks fantastic, keep it up!

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
ill start working on that tonight

It looks really great, hope you can finish it in time.

If you do corrections to the face expression do it really carefully, because imo the original statue looks also kind of terrified.

really awesome jeepster…lookin forward to see how this turns out

thanks for the posts!
ok so i didnt really work on the expression too much but i’m nearly finished with the beard.
only thing i have left for the face is to make some of the hair clumps appear like they’re growing out of his face rather than intersecting, and im going to sculpt in a lil bit for expression

Wow! You have some serious talent going on here. Good luck in the contest.

thanks hershey :smiley:

ok so i didnt get much done this weekend, but i just did the neck