Jeff's fluid control

Jeff made a new fluid animation, and it’s in 1080p! Check it out,

BTW is mancandy a good buy? How would you guys rate it?

a good buy???!:spin: it’s a free downloadable model. the instructional, the Mancandy FAQ, is a dvd that you can buy.

The dvd is what I was reffering to.

The Mancandy F.A.Q. is a grate stuff about rigging!!! I recomend the DVD even if you know about rig!!! Some of the methods the are used in the DVD is no longer needed because of the changes and the new features implemented in Blender after the Peach Project… But the knowledge that you gain with this DVD is very important and indispensable!

Definitely it’s a good buy.

I like the effect of the fluid coming off of the spinning ball. Nice job.

  • Floyd

The hi-res shows in this case how strong fluids in Blender are.