JellyFish Queen

I love fantasy concepts so much like a jellyfish mermaid jellyfishes are allwats so cool especialy the glowing ones so i turned them into a character pretty cool right? This ons turn out nicly for some reason i dont rly like it but it looks good anyways ill be posting much less cuz i wanna make a short film so enjoy the few posts ill be doin :heart:

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This needs more work.You could of gave a made a woman with glowing translucent jelly fish skin and glowing green eyes.I think it would have looked better.
could you try to do a fish woman?

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you’re right that would looked much better now shes just in some type of costume ill do that if ill ever take this pretty girl seriously now she just exists to be pretty <3

i like art work with monsters women in it.That is why I like your artwork.

I especially like artwork with chimera’s in it.

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thank youuu <3 i got sum inspiration to do a deer girl now <3

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nice work !!

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okay do it.

here are some animals to get inspiration from fennec fox,Zanzibar red colobus and candy crab.You could try combining features you like from various types of animals such as fish,cats,monkeys and wolfs into human beings.

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that sounds like a wonderful idea thank you i would love to do a cat girl with very fluff ears <3

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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