Jen - final

any sss? it just looks bland.

Great work! I know how much time you put in. Congrats!

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Great work, and extra thanks for the WIP strip, I love seeing things “being built”!

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Thanks alot mate

NP :slight_smile: always fun to share :slight_smile:

It does, perhaps could have used a bit more

Great work. I like 2017 version more, tho! :grinning:

THe intro a bit vague but your result is very nice!
Not sure what the part is about doing work 5 hours and not seeing results. BUt i see some progress with images with a 3 year time frame?! PS that looks like a stunning progress to me. Perhaps that 5 hours about doing post work. Its not really clear to me what that was about.

PS resolution here is same as on ArtStation?!?!

Hello maybe thats my english Messing up, meant that I came to a point with this Model ( not the once before ) where I would tweak her and do changes and 5 hours go by and im not really seing any big changes. Thats where i call it on this project.

I havent worked on this very model for 3 years. Thats just a progress sheat of my skill lvl.

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ok add a bit more

looks really well optimized

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Yeah i know, i started my first car project like 5 years back. Mainly to get better and learn poly by poly modeling and box modeling. It did help and i learned a lot. But distractions caused it to be now sitting on my USB catching digital dust. She’s not finished yet :frowning: