Jen Psaki

“The moment Belarus troops enter Ukraine, the 6th fleet of the USA Navy will immediatly land on the shores of Belarus”

Blender/Vray/Mari/Makehuman/Marvelous Designer
I’m just learning CG characters so she doesn’t look like real person, anyway feel free to comment :slight_smile:


Why is that arms and hands made in blender a lot of times seem too thin ?

Also, she has a wierd curve at the shoulder part. When the upper arm turns forward, the shoulder should go a little forward too.

I like the jacket though. The materials and textures are very good.

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
The model itself was done via Makehuman, just a little editing was done in Blender. Perhaps the arms and hands looks thin because of the FOV = 200
Agree with soulder part ))

I cannot pass behind this.
Anatomy and hair is not good and + some of anatomy makes her a man.
but over all i agree, we need make caricatures to this person.

I find the pose of the hand very nice and natural, although I agree that it seems a bit small (but maybe is the head too large),
What I find not correct is hair, starting too low on the forehead, and are too voluminous around the head and on the top.

I don’t know her, so I can’t say much, but in general the image is not bad at all.