Jernas Rapier FSC (Surface-To-Air Rapier Missile Launcher)

Hey people,

(My second render looks a bit better, but I want it to be during day time and it looks shit when there is a sun :()

Here is my latest piece of work… until now I have been focusing only on modelling trying to get it to a decent standard. I have made this model, and now it is time to create a scene for it, texture it… and then once that is done, animate it.

The problem is, I suck at creating scenes and my texturing is limited to block colours and using blender textures for basic bump/displacement mapping.

Now I have many things that I need to know how to do and if anyone knows of how to do any of these or knows of tutorials for them I will be very greatful.

  • How to create a realistic scene
  • Realistic texturing (I can probably find several tutorials for this myself)
  • How to do realistic outdoor lighting
    (Own Find)
  • Bump mapping using an image
  • Creating good looking grass… the size of the floor on my scene, the grass tutorial just can’t create enough grass

I used to be a mapper for Half Life 2 mods and so I am used to working with 3D skyboxes which are very small but appear large in the render… so it is unusual for me to place everything full size :confused:

I usually setup a ‘realistic outdoor’ lighting like this:
one low energy ‘hemi’ light directly overhead (blue colored) to mimic the sky lights
one high energy sun or area with shadow to mimic the sun (orange colored)
turn on Ambient Occlusion in the world panel and play around with the settings to get a more realistic shadow on your model.

You’ll need to scale down the grass texture, use the repeat option under the texture panel to tile the grass texture.

I hope that helps.

Here is a render using the light setup that you suggested, I really like it.

Comments and crits please.

New background, lighting and I have removed all the textures from the model as I am going to re-do them.

Please comment and crit

the last image looks much better, the only thing that bothers me is the band of white patch on the sky texture. But i am sure you’ll fix it in the final render.

Also, the pic loosk a bit ‘washed out’, ie there is no true black. The shadows are bland and grey. Did you tweak the brightness of the image without raising the contrast in post-processing?

Overall, are you progressing very fast :smiley:

All the problems you pointed out, were my mist :frowning: I can’t seem to make realistic mist.

Any advice on how to do it?

comments and crits please.

Quick update before I animate it. I didn’t do a full render as I am now up to about 2million verts and a full render takes about 6 hours.

I think my next model I am going to do a lot more of the detail using maps rather than mesh :slight_smile:

see this button? experiement with different values, higher value should decrease your rendering time significantly. There is no image quality penalty associated with it.