Jerry test 1

Here’s my new guy, Jerry.

I know the hand sucks, what I’m testing here is his mustache. I’ll be using it instead of lip-syncing when he speaks.

Kind of like the dad in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I think the mustache needs to be more “firm”, mustache hair is more wire-y then silk string. Overall, good idea and your animation is well done. The character & scene looks like it will be a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

I agree about the softness of his hair but I’ve not used hair much so I’m sort of lost there. I have Hair Dynamics checked and Stiffness turned up to 50 but it is still this soft looking.

Anyone with advice on hair settings?

I wont critique the animation, but I would like to point out that the movement of the moustache could/should be backed up by the movement of his facial muscles, so that it all feels like one face. At the moment it seems to be floating above the face without any cheek or jaw movements to back it up.

The style has appeal, though. It kinda looks like an Aardman character.