(Pablo Dobarro) #1

Concept by Hong SoonSang
Face and hands were sculpted in ZBrush. Everything else was done in Blender.


why do you prefer ZBrush for the face and hands? also I love your style, any plans on rigging her for animation?

(alf0) #3

nice work ,
great anatomy and style

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured! :tada:

(Egan T Guenthers) #5

that’s an awesome work.

(Artstallion) #6

yeah, i wonder why he prefers sculpting the face and hands in zbrush, cause I sculpt chracters too, and I would like to know.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #7

@Psaebrail @Artstallion
In zbrush you can go millions of polys without slowing down like in blender or any other sculpting application. I’m not sure about the author of this, but for me this is the main reason zbrush is the best at sculpting, also the brush strokes “feeling” is also very smooth.

(Yudit1999) #8

I’ve seen this concept art before and i want to do the 3d model from it. But you did it first! Awesome model!

(Pablo Dobarro) #9

I use ZBrush to use the move topological brush and dynamesh. For me, it is much faster than use edit mode with proportional editing. This model is not suitable at all for animation, the topology in the cloth and the face is a mess.

(JosephBburg) #10

Hey, not sure what the ZBrush brushes are, but have you tried RetopoFlow 2? It has a brush for topology tweaking and relax brush. This might be a way of doing what you want in Blender. Not free, but it is Open Source so you can actually get it off of GitHub if I’m not mistaken. Also, it’s no auto-retopo, though there is an open source option for that: Instant Meshes Great render, by the way.