Jet Engine Core WIP

Here is my design of a cut-away of a jet engine core. It is meant to show how a jet engine operates. As such it is not a specific model but a general jet engine design. I’ve still got some details to work out so it is still a WIP but feedback would be much appreciated. :smiley:
I may or may not make a diagram of it. If people are interested in the airflow and how it works I’d be more than happy to render it with some text, arrows, etc. showing how it works.

Thanks again for any feedback!

Hi. To me it looks very “believable”. I think some differenc colors for the main parts would help explain the engine better. And I’m not sure if the blades in a real engine are so evenly distributed in each row.

woudl like to see the differences between the 2 type that existed at WWII

nice mechanical model

happy bl

Thanks for the feedback. I got a little late to the WIP forum with this. I will look into some older engines for my next project, might be cool. I actually made up one with labels since I started the thread. I think it better explains what things are.