Jet Engine WIP

Pratt&Whittney J58 Jet Engine

The small wires are pretty cool, keep up :wink:

Awesome detail, and P&W FTW!

very nice. I thought this looked familiar, and that’s because I must have seen the same one while looking for reference images. great job so far.

Very detailed! Great job!

Update- More Details added. If I had to guess I think its around 75-80% done with modeling.

WIP Update!

it’s a good job…nice details. Is this a modeling exercise or will it be used for something else?

Nicelly done! love the level of detail…keep it going and happy blending!

Update, Tweaked a few materials and added a bit.

Nice work dude! You planning on making an SR-71 to go around that? :stuck_out_tongue:
Because that would be really cool, especially if you kept up this level of detail.

Thanks, I really have been thinking of doing that. Or at least making the frame and engines to keep up the level of detail. Its a good and fun challenge.

I just came across this thread and your work is most impressive. I have always wanted a large scale J58 model for my Blackbird collection, would it be possible to purchase one? I have all the Pratt J58 manuals in my collection, if you need any reference materials, I would be happy to supply them.