High res

So this was to be my entry to the blenderguru comp… buuuuut I’ve run out of time it seems.

I was going to add a man sitting down looking all sad next to the urn full of someone’s ashes (yeah if you zoom in enough you can make out the writing “RIP” - final render would be higher res)

But I underestimated how much time and energy my new job would take up, so it seems I won’t be finishing this one in time - and without the motivation of a contest, I doubt I ever will.

And yes, it’s cycles.

Bah! Get back to work. Is it done yet? :eyebrowlift: I love the idea. I want to see it in the Gallery.

Alright so my new pc arrived today (ITS A BEAST) and all this new rediculous speed has got me motivated. Also, I thought that the contest ends tomorrow night, but I just realised it’s only monday (i think?)
Either way, I’m going to try make some crappy character before the deadline.

Sleep is for the weak.

(Thanks sundialsvc4 :slight_smile: )

That is totally awesome the liquid material. Water Tutorial please!

Well, I hope you do get it done in time! My big problem with you’r picture is the waves are too big. If the water was that choppy, they would be thinner and have the foam and such. Looks great though, I’m jealous of you’r new PC. I don’t get mine for 8 more long months:(

Amazing. Only issue for me is the boards/planks on the jetty have all warped the same way - are exactly the same shape; also no gaps between any of them.

worked through the night modeling and started texturing just now. Please, don’t bother critiquing the modeling - I know it’s crap :stuck_out_tongue: it’s my first full character and I just don’t have the time to fix her up :slight_smile:

Oh and here’s my main reference

Ok sooooooooooo…
It is finished :slight_smile: please critique EVERYTHING!!

SuperCrazyHighResHighQuality png here :slight_smile:

A little change in composition

Textures, modeling, lighting, composition all look great. Really impressive.

The only thing that caught my eye - it seems like there would be a fold in the girl’s mesh where the leg is bending against the hip. I realize she’s somewhat freeform, but I think it takes away a little from the believability.

Other than that one little picked knit, masterful work!

Not sure what you mean, could you draw over it or something?

Greg…are you sure your allowed to compete in the competition?;)…just kidding. You always have such great lighting in you renders:) I like the mood and the style…very pixar-ish. Anyway good luck in the competition!

Happy Blending:)

Hi Greg! This is really great, but I prefer the first composition more, as it shows off the boat more prominently and therefore seems to have a bit more story potential than just the girl on the pier. I’d go with the first one, personally, but that’s just my opinion.

Nothing else to mention besides that everything is really good. =)


Alright so I’m calling it done. Spoke to some other people and I’ve decided you’re right JDaniels :slight_smile:

High res: