Jewelry drawing

I have met so many people in the jewelry business saying that drawing jewels is a loss of time… So, architects be like, stop drawing the plans of the buildings :joy: Let’s be serious, drawing jewels is as necessary as an architectural plan, basic and common knowledge… Well, well…


Looks cool. is jewelry rendering a thing? i saw company hiring people doing this


Thanks and thanks for your comment. Yes, it is, and more than a “thing” it has been a tradition for centuries. Companies do hire but I finally never needed to be hired. I have been teaching jewelry and jewelry drawing for more than 15 years now, and my school found its place among profesionals and enthusiasts.

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Great job.
Do you do renderings? or just design and drawing?

Yes, I did not mention it because weirdly too many people think I only do 3d renderings.

well, it make sense since this is a blender community.
Would be great if you could share some Jewelry renderings

I have been posting jewelry renderings almost every month.


It looks great!
So much details.

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awesome work men!

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