JiggleArmature add-on 0.2.1 release and new project page

JiggleArmature is an easy way to create wiggle effects in blender, just enable jiggle bone on the bones you want to be jiggly. This addon is intended for adding quickly and automatically, secondary animations to your rigged characters or objects, you can save many time!


  • Quick setup of jiggle bones
  • Constraints for stretch, volume and shape
  • Test mode for real time preview of the simulation
  • Animation baking
  • Jiggle bone control (Experimental)

features added in this version:

  • Copy jiggle bone properties to other bones
  • Time sub-stepping
  • Jiggle bone control (Experimental)

i also added some documentation

of course this project is far from being finished, i want to add more features like collision detection


Thanks, Man

I would really love to see it working through a linked library pipeline, where the character can be setup in the original file with the things needed, and then that passed on via linking to a new file, but still being able tu turn on / off and tweak parameter, since usually you will need to manually tweak the jiggle for each shot.

Thanks for your awesome work!

So glad to see continued development! Hopeful concerning collision detection as well :slight_smile: