Jimi isn't dead!

Hello everyone,

This guy is the most elegant man that the earth has carried!

The mythical guitarist would have blown his eightieth candle on November 27th, the occasion to pay him a modest tribute.

As you can see everything is very very lowpoly, the idea being to produce a small clip as quickly as possible (about 1 week between 2 professional contracts).

I tried to transcribe the way the guys were filming back then…For that I used the great “Camera Shakify” and “The Destructive Film Simulator” addons for the sixties effect.

I hope you’ll like it :wink:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


rhooo really ? Thanks a lot Bart !

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Excellent work. You really captured him.

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That’s what I tried to do !
Thanks Modron :wink:

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love it! :heart_eyes:

Cool, I’m glad !
Thanks Daniel :wink: