Jinx - Arcane

Hi all!

It’s been a little while since I worked on anything, so here we are with my latest piece: Jinx, from Arcane.

Normally I dive into projects like this, and spend hours each day working on it 'till it’s done; but this time I took things slow, and just did a little here and there - up until the last couple of days at-least anyway. I didn’t even record the process, which I’ve gotten used to doing.

All modelling, sculpting and rendering done in Blender.
Texturing in Substance Painter.

I hope you like her! :smiley:


Wow, it’s been a great hour for finished projects. yet another incredible work. You did a fantastic job with every aspect of this, from presentation to topology. Excellent job! :slight_smile:

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It’s great to see another piece by you. Jinx looks good.

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Hey, thanks so much! And thanks for the Featured suggestion. I really appreciate it!

Thank you! :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you! :blush:

I’ve spent the past week getting her 3D print ready! (All done in Blender, of course)

I’m going to spend the weekend test printing her, and hopefully, I’ll have the files posted some time early next week for anyone that might be interested.


nice work :clap:

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Thanks!! :smiley:

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My Jinx model is now available for 3D printing, to anyone that might be interested (free of charge):


On this occasion, I actually did all of the prep work in Blender, so it was much more straight forward.


I think you just made my brother’s day. 3D printing isn’t my thing, but he’s really into it and he loves Arcane as much as I do.

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Hey, thanks! I hope he likes it!

After pushing through some issues with my Elegoo Mars, I managed to get all of the parts printed myself.

A little prep work to do before she’s ready for painting, but I’ll update here when I have her finished!

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I finally got round to painting Jinx and VI - they took around 3 weeks, which was much longer than I expected. I hope you like them! (Her braid broke off when I was taking pics - but all is fixed now!)