Jinx from Arcane

Jinx sculpt from Arcane

Base on a sketch by Chrissie Zullo
All done using blender 3.0
Render EEVEE


Great works, she is so adorable. Nicely done :heart:

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Good work! But, can someone explain what all the Jinx art is about?

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Jinx is a character from the new Netflix series Arcane based on the League of Legends world.

Here is the Canadian link. Just use Netflix or Google to find it for your region.
See: https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/81435684


Sorry if I seem like a commercial. It’s one of the best animated series I’ve see in a long time and the quality of the animation itself is superb. Jinx is one of the main characters. Don’t want to give anything away but I recommend watching it if this looks interesting to you.

Cheers and stay safe!


Thanks! I’v seen twenty Jinx artworks in the last 2 weeks, thanks for explaining I’ll have to check the series out. :+1: