Jittery camera when zoomed in

Hey everyone, Blender amateur here.

So, I’m doing a tutorial on modeling a Porsche, but I’ve run into a roadblock (no pun intended). Whenever I zoom in closely to focus on a few vertices, my camera becomes way to jittery when I rotate to do anything, and it seems like it’s rotating around a far away point rather than a close point. Even the slightest movement will move my view way too much. I’m sure there’s probably a simple fix to this, but I just can’t figure it out.

Sorry for the bad explanation, but I’m hoping at least one person can make sense of it. Thanks in advance!

Ah, this gets some of us the first time.

It has to do with the orbit point. Simplest is just to use “view selected” (Number Pad DEL, decimal key) to reset the view and orbit point around your selection.

Thanks! :slight_smile: