JMM 2002 museum

([Pyrael]) #1

This Projekt is used in a multimedia presentation. if some one have good ideas 4 this pease tell me.

(Zweistein) #2

You Have to say, that this Museum is mostly modelled in the fucking shit Program 3dMax ;-(

But, the Textures made with Blender are good!

(belac) #3

defiantely need furniture, things hanging on the wall. tweek the grass… try using DOF on the pictures from the outside, it will add realism.


“i dream in mesh”

(blengine) #4

cool! nice job on these scenes… the outside pic is fantastic, but the grass is no good =( try modeling a few random blades of grass and use dupliverts…alot better than static particles… ths inside pics are great too

([Pyrael]) #5

were i become a good gras generator ?

(stephen2002) #6

grass needs help, and some of the interior lighting needs help. A quick fix for the grass is to bump down the HaloSize to a considerably lesser value.

The interior shots are a bit empty and dim.

([Pyrael]) #7

sure but the inside objekts comming soon next week i have a working lan with 2stein and some other friends 4 this projekt

(S_W) #8

Perhaps you could try to use radiosity. this would improve the scenes a lot! good luck with your project :wink:

(ScottishPig) #9

A very good WIP. Uhm… grass is encouraging, as is the building itself.