Joan Of Arc Help

I started following the Joan of Arc Tutorial witch is found here
I’m stuck on the 3rd image the thing on stuck on is on the tutorial the top leg and the side that need to be extruded in the tutorial are flat but on mine there rounded and when on extrude it does not looks right. how do i make it so the the bits that need to be flat are flat while keeping the sub-surf?

If you mean this flat face in the image it says scale the vertices by 0 along the x axis. Anway, you’re going to add a mirror modifier which you can use to merge the centre vertices (remember to remove the faces along the centre line)
At this early stage forget about the subdivision surface modifier, just get the basic form made.


This is what i mean Left is my blender and right is from the Tutorial mine looks really curved and rounded on the top as his in the tutorial is flat and level.

what i mean is if you look in the picture my model is on the left and the tutorials one is on the right the top and that part where i have to extrude is flat where as on mine it is not it rounded and curved. how do i make it flat just on the top and that part i need to extrude.

delete the face that you’ve selected, you won’t need it afterall :smiley:

You don’t have the same topology as in the tutorial, the top ngon in the tutorial is a 6 vertices ngon while yours is only a 5 vertices ngon, you’re probably missing an edge along the whole leg there, if you don’t follow the same topology you’re going to have a harder time than you should to follow this specific tutorial.

:open_mouth: wow i did not see that -_- ill redo the tutorial again i think to correct a few thing see how it goes then. Thanks Sanctuary also saw you thread in your sig you made some cool looking things.