Joe's Roach Coach

This is a lunch room set in the future. The location is under ground.
Please give your general impression and any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. :yes:

Just a couple things that jump out right off the start to me and this is just my opinion but the plant up front seems way too “neon” like and draws attention to it right away pulling focus away from the main focal point. Also the lighting is a bit dark as the lights and such from the ceiling do not seem to really be providing any light to the scene. But all in all it is a pretty neat idea for a lunch room and I like the idea of it. I would eat there.

Thanks for your input. The image is part of a larger scene so the tree just happened to get caught from this view. The tree is suppose to be a hologram. This scene is intentionally dark for two reasons it is suppose to be underground and it is a murder scene . Victim is struck from behind and drug out through the open doors into the dark.