Joey Bennett's Sketchbook

Hello, I’m Joey

I do a lot of interior design, and a bit of sculpting as well. I love constructive critique, but I hate negativity… So, if you have advise, give it to me…

I like the bear mesh. I expected it to have a much higher polycount than it does. nice, simple, clean topology with an effective bump/normal map :slight_smile:

Hey Joey
Are you going to rig the bear? Also maybe you can try to add hair and some subsurface scattering. Also have you seen the new BG contest?

hey joey, nice to see you start a sketchbook… :slight_smile:

Very cool. And didn’t that bear win a contest for a 3-d printer? Wish I has one of those.

Add some more stuff!

Hi guys! :smiley:
@@Jamie_B No, actually, the bear had a subsurf modifier on it… And that was the un-sculpted one :wink:
@@Chariot_Rider No… That things finished :stuck_out_tongue: I just had to do it for a 3d printing contest :wink:
@@doris Thank you so much Doris! :smiley:
@@Photox Indeed it did! :smiley: And more soon to come :smiley:

My latest finished project… Doing another interior…

Current WIP :smiley:

This is about as far as I’m taking this…

Did this bust (first ever, and I had to use a mouse) the other day… 3D Printable as well :slight_smile:

The bust looks pretty good, but it’s hard to see the shape well with the lighting.

Yeah I used crappy lighting… My Latest though:

There’s a presentation video as well…