John Egbert's room

So this was my first finished and bigger then half hour project in Blender. Based on THIS page of Homestuck I created the room. It was really good for practice Blender’s controls, some texturing and lighting. I wanted to give back the comics style, that is why everything is white and that is why I drawn textures in mspaint (true to the comic).

After the two walled room I made a four walled one and I created this video about it. Sadly my control over the camera lost at this point so it is a little strange. I wasn’t on the top at that time.

Looks awesome, but You should put the character as well.

I thought about that, but I didn’t want to just place a 2D char in it like in this render:

I planning to create John in 3D, but I always failed so far (at the hair…). I need to start it planned, when I have a little free time. :slight_smile: