John Lasseter

We don’t need to reinvent heroes, there are already many people to be inspired with. Personal project done in my favorite Disney Infinity style, to celebrate some legends of CGI.

He applied principles of Disney’s animation to 3D animation and made a huge influence on commercial animation. Best known for Luxo Jr. and Toy Story. Unfortunately, story about him have an dark side also, he was hit with multiple allegations of workplace sexual misconduct.

He wanted to be an animator at studio Disney since he was a child. He finished CalArts, won an Academy award for the best student animated movie and got a job at Disney.

He produced the revolutionary animated test Where the Wild Things are (1983), done with a 3D environment and drawn characters. Because of using 3D, he got fired from Disney.

Catmull bought him to ILM and they made Adventures of André & Wally B. (1984), the first 3D animated film in Disney’s style. But Lucas didn’t want to make animations.

Lucas sold them to Steve Jobs, but Jobs didn’t want to make animations either. Nevertheless, Pixar made Tin Toy (1988), the first 3D animated short which won an Academy award.

After a lot of difficulties, Lasseter and his friends from CalArts managed to make the first 3D animated feature - Toy Story (1995), in collaboration between Pixar and Disney.


What a neat project idea, and great execution! I still remember how impressed I was by Luxo Jr, and smile a little every time I see it in the logo of Pixar productions.

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Thanks. So glad to hear that. It’s interesting that 3D animated movies after a while looks obsolete, but Luxo still looks great.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Really cool project, awesome!

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Thanks, appreciate it :smiley:

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