Join after Split

How can i rejoin, things Split with the hotkey Y? Because when i split some face, for example, the Subsurf Modifier, became pretty ugly (the subsurf don’t apply for this faces). :confused:


Only way I have found so far is manually selecting two and then ALT-M to merge them.
But I believe the Peach guys have something up their sleeves, not sure how far they got with it.
In the modeling section.

I’m not really sure this is what you mean, but I drop this trick just in case it will help you.

See attached images:

  1. A non-uniform surface with a face loop selected (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RMB).
  2. Face loop is deleted (X>Faces).
  3. Edges selected (Alt+Shift+RMB) and new faces added (F>Skin faces/Edge-Loops).
  4. Smooth (Edit panel>Link and Materials Subwindow).
  5. Recalculate Normals (Ctrl+N) with all vertices selected returns the original mesh.

Hope it helped
/ Mats


Thank you for the answers but…
Look what’s happening in my job
I want to unSplit the split faces to make a perfect sphere with the cut face.
One more question: how can i post this image smaller?

  1. Split faces selected
  2. Split faces don’t follow subsurf transformation
  3. Rendering with “subsurf” and “set smooth”

blender doesn’t support ngons yet :wink: you’ll have to loop cut.