Join me on my #1hModelingExcercise Challenge!

Hello there all you beautiful blenderartists,

thanks to many many creators in the Blender Community like Andrew Price, Grant Abbitt and many many more, I am able to make my own plan in learning Blender, especially Modeling in Blender for becoming an Environment Artist.
This Plan for this Challenge starts tomorrow! One hour each day will be focused on this! After working this one hour, I will write a Blog Post reflecting on what techniques I’ve learned or what I should research, and so on.

So, if you too just started learning Blender or even if you just want to sharpen your skills: I would be happy, if you’d join me on my journey!

I hope, this is the right Place to post this :sweat_smile:

kind Regards,
pr1mus (aka Philipp)


I just posted my preparations for the first Week. Take a look here :slight_smile:

Day one is over and I got onto a good start into it! This is absolutely epic for me and I enjoy it!

Read my newest Blog post here:

And the Second Day is also done!

Read about it here:

It all worked a lot better than on Day one and I’m pretty happy about my progress!

Day 3 also done! Today was a really good day! I got this and it’s making sooooo much fun!
Still have a lot to learn, but hey, that’s for what I’m doing this :smiley:

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Yesterday I concentrated on level 3, made level one only for warmup and skipped level 2 xD but I was able to get a bit into texturing level 3 and focusing on the whole process. Was a pretty rad run :smiley:

heloo here’s mine. im pretty new to 3d art

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Pretty cool :smiley:
Did you do all this in one hour?

not everything but I do edit this project an hour a day sometimes 2.

I modeled this in one hour, but it took me an extra 30 minutes to figure out why my image was rendering blank. Turns out a particle system was obscuring the view. It took forever to find it… :sweat_smile:

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This looks really cool BlenderSplendor :smiley: A little bit Crazy, but really cool! Good Exercise! :partying_face:

I just released a new Blog Post regarding this Challenge :slight_smile:
Read it here:

Kind regards,

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looks good has this ended

thanks man! It currently isn’t running, but it hasn’t ended. I currently have way to many stuff to do in private, especially on my job, that I don’t have much time for learning, sadly.
But that doesn’t mean, I ended it :slight_smile: Just currently pausing.

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thanks for replying I was just looking in some random threads and this caught my attention good luck with your work I may join you later