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(Zweistein) #1


We are working on a Präsentation called “Join Multimedia” from Siemens. We have 4 Days time to make a Präsenation. Normally We had a half Year time. But we were too lazy so we started now…

Here s an starting of it: We need Comments FAST :wink: Thank You


(Zweistein) #2

any answers??

(S68) #3

You know, we usually take 4 weeks for comments, but we are lazy so 8 week is usually an average time :stuck_out_tongue:

Which CODEC?

I get a nice STILL image of a labirinth like corridor which lasts 16 secs…


(basse) #4

well, first, it look nice. if it’s going to be presentation, I wouldn’t put TOO much stuff in there, so that’s why it looks quite nice, already.
about the camera movements… I would loose the starting corridor… there is nothing there to look at before the first turn, so it’s kind of useless? also, try different camera paths, because the current one is too fast to look at the pictures on the walls, and still concentrates too much on look at those, so that you dont get the “big picture” of how the place looks like…

have you tried a camera circulating the place, like now, but looking more at the centrum, or opposite wall?? maybe a bit like spiral, rising to the second floor?


(shibbydude) #5

You need to use a better compression technique! The codec is an irregular divx. It won’t play back on many peoples’ machines!