Join not respecting UV layer names?


I have a scene I’m making for realtime use. All objects have UV layers for diffuse, normal, lightmap, and decals. I need most of the scene exported as a single static piece of geometry, so I need to join all the objects before export into one and bake the lightmap.

The trouble is that Join doesn’t seem to merge the UV layers by name, but if I’m not mistaken, by the order in the layer list. Now during texturing I didn’t pay much attention to the order of the layers, so on joining I get a mess with the different UV layouts all mixed up. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to move the layers around in the list to get them in the right order.

I need the UV layers of the object joined by name. Any ideas? Should I report this as a bug or is this intended behavior? Or maybe there is a way to move the layers around and I’m just not seeing it?