Join objects

Hi new in blender so I am trying to join 2 different objects, I read, watch many info, so I learned it is simple, Crtl+J. The problem is: not working, I am in a MAC. I tried in EDIT mode, does not work. I tried in a OBJECT mode, if i click in one object all other objects highlight, I don’t want to join all at this moment. I tried to snap does not working at all… I know it is missing something so obvious that is not in the movies or tutorials I watched. Anyone to help me? Cheers.

You have to be in object mode. So you have to select two or more objects. Select the first object, press Shift while selecting other objects. I have no idea why all objects are selected while you only select one. But this should be the same on Mac. Good luck!

Perhaps you have a misunderstanding of ‘join’ in this case.

Join means to take two separate objects, and make them a single object. In your screenshot, the two objects are already joined.

I think perhaps you want to make the meshes be ‘joined’ in the sense that the vertex’s are connected? In that case, you can try using the boolean modifier (with Join mode), or you can just polypush manually.

Join means to take two separate objects, and make them a single object. In your screenshot, the two objects are already joined

If you want to make the vertices joined, then you can hit ALT-M and choose how you join the vertices

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slightly confused,
not quite sure if you want to join objects or if you want to connect meshes. your text indicates you want to join objects, your image suggests you want to join meshes.

an object is a thing in your scene. it can be made of one thing or many things, but all those things share a single origin point. a scene can have many objects, each object with its own origin point.

a mesh is an object that you see in edit mode. all the parts of an object that share a common origin point can be edited even if the mesh is not connected to another piece of mesh if you wish to join two seperate pieces of mesh , you need to connect them with more mesh. ie, in one way or another connect the verticies of each piece. there are many ways to do this. selecting the verticies you wish to connect and pressing F is the simplest way or you can move the pieces of mesh close together and select the vertices and press alt (option?) M and select one of the merge options from the merge menu. to name but 2 methods out of the many available.

if you actually simply wish to take an object from object mode and join it to another object so that the two seperate things share a single origin point and can be edited together in edit mode, then rightly you select the two objects and press ctrl (command?) J.
but if you have an object of many pieces and you just one one of those pieces to be a part of a different object, then you need to seperate the object from the object it is combined with. so you take the object into edit mode, select the piece of mesh that you want to be a seperate object by selecting a vertice on the piece and pressing L or you can try using box select or paint select but i don’t recomend those as they can be fiddly if your mesh is complicated. once you have your piece selected press P and choose Selection from the drop down menu. your bit of mesh is now seperated and is its own object. in object mode you can now select it and select the object you want it to be joined with and press ctrl (command?) J to join the two objects together.

Thank you all for your inputs, sorry for not using the correct words that is why I post the picture, in this scene there are more 10 things, in EDIT mode I can show this 2 things separated the cone and the cylinder, in OBJECT mode if I right click one thing all 12 things will select and it can be moved by one one single origin point. the problem is the things are not in the correct place, now I am trying to put all parts in the correct position but I can not separate it in OBJECT mode. So I can not make then join or merge in EDIT mode as well. :frowning:

So it is one Object consisting of several not connected mesh parts. While you could select each part in edit mode using hover mouse above part and hit L (and scale, rotate, move), if you want them as separate objects, in edit mode select all A and hit P - Separate by loose parts. Now you have just one part in edit mode; the rest are separate objects and you need to tab out of edit mode to select them.

If you want to join cone and cylinder in edit mode move them slightly apart, select vertex loops on both parts (for me the shortcut is Shift-Alt -RMB) and W - Bridge Edge Loops. Later you could delete one Edge loop. Note that ideally you need to have equal amount of vertices on each loop.

that is, if you want everything seperate.