Join our Telegram group

Latest Edit: the group was abandoned and deleted due to lack of interest.

I’ve made a new group on the Telegram network about graphics in general (because the community is too small to specialize at the moment).

You may ask, why Telegram? we already have IRC

And the answer is, Telegram is cross-platform and syncs messages between clients very nicely. With IRC, you’d have to disconnect one client to be able to connect with a different one, and you can’t see messages between connections.

Say you ask a support question and you had to leave your computer; with Telegram you can see the replies and take the conversation with you on your phone or tablet.

To join the group, assign yourself an @username when you’ve created your account and send me that username here or through PM and i’ll add you. You don’t have to share your phone number to be able to join.

Hope to see you there.

you can also join by following the steps here (on the desktop client): but sending me the @username is probably easier

Hey, 'd like to join the group. I am @Leopardi15 on telegram.

add me plz .