join text to object and text curve ?

currently making a a coin and having problems trying to create the curved text,
used the text on curve setting , to curve the text using a bezier circle, the text sits on top of the bezier circle as in the image below.

tried using different settings to get the text to curve in an upwards arc as in the next image without any luck.

used a curve modifier which works, though guess there’s is an easier way to perform the same effect.

problem is, how can text be joined/combined to another object as on the face of the coin ?

First off, unless the coin is going to occupy a fairly large area of the screen and be an important centerpiece, go with a bump map.

If not, convert the text into a mesh and boolean it into the coin, smooth out the transition with dyntopo sculpting. Make sure the coin has a fairly dense mesh before the boolean or else you’ll have to correct normal problems all over the coin. Another way to consider is rendering the text out to an image and sculpting it into the coin mesh using a stencil.

The fastest way is to do the text in Inkscape where it can be put on a curve and import the SVG into blender. ALL the text. top and bottom can be drawn very quickly with the put text on path tool in Inkscape.