Join the Crew of "Mez Moto: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter," a Sci-Fi Comedy Short Film

Greetings. Bright Eye Pictures is in pre-production on their next short film, “Mez Moto: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter,” a sci-fi comedy (10-15 minutes) in the tradition of Galaxy Quest, Men in Black and Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re seeking to build a small team of VFX artists to handle pre and post-production duties on “Mez.”

  • Concept Art

  • Virtual Set and Environment Creation

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

  • Compositing and FX

The bulk of the work will be creating spaceship models, space battle animations, virtual sets (spaceship interiors), set extensions and green screen compositing. Ideally, I’d like to bring 2-3 VFX artists on to the project to share responsibility with one person in the VFX Producer role.

This is an unpaid passion project, so know that going in but unlike a lot of other “hey I’m going to make a movie” posts, I have a proven track record having produced over a dozen short films.

Bright Eye Pictures is an award-winning film production company located in San Antonio, Texas. We make quality short films that have been featured in multiple film festivals including Austin After Dark FF, Austin Comedy FF, Oregon Scream Week and the Houston Comedy FF to name a few.

If you sign on to the project, know the movie will get made and it will be something you will be proud to be a part of and you will very likely get to see it premiere in a film festival. In fact, I will submit to film festivals in your area so that you can attend in person and represent our team.

If interested, please share examples of your work/experience via DM on Facebook. Take a look at our Facebook Page to get a better idea of what we’re about.

Our web series, “Legion of Terror HR”: