Joined meshes with differing wall thickness. Help for a newby please...

Hi guys,

I am new to blender and starting with a simple geometric object that I was have 3D printed as my first project. Part of it consists of a cylinder that is open at one end. For this I created two separate cylinders, one solid with both faces acting as the closed end, and one with both end faces deleted but with a 50% solidify thickness which has given me the ‘tube’ I need. However when I join the two objects into one, the thickness goes back to the default, which I assume it adopts from the other object. There must be a simple way of allowing this or you can never create who objects with differing characteristics. Sorry if this is a very basic question for most of you but I just can’t find a hint around this.

Appply the solidify before joining
Use the solidify modifier but to give different parts of your mesh different thicknesses use the vertex group option in the modifier settings. Use vertex weights to control the effect the solidify modifier has on different parts. A weight of 0.5 will give half the thickness as a weight of 1.

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Sincere apologies for posting in the wrong place. I won’t make the mistake in the future.