Joining to secret society

If I’m Illuminati or Wicca membership I can make games like Jazz Jackrabbit(1999) or EarthBound(1999) instead of child friendly video games genre.Are they controlling my will giving me warnings of assasination act if i expose them like President of United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy did?

Who is feeding you this information? What does secret societies have to do with child-friendly video games (you do realize that Jazz Jackrabbit is E-rated, right)?

Also, I really would discourage the notion of posting whatever gossip you just happen to stumble across on the internet at any given moment (because it makes it easy for a person to post whatever junk they might be theorizing at the moment). You don’t have to post everything you read.

Well so Half-Life fans like me are waiting 8 years for Half-Life 2:Episode 3 or Half-Life 3.Many are speculating Half-Life is based on Conspiracy Theories,but it’s adaption of Stephen King’s “Mist” novel according to Gabe Newell interview.

Only you didn’t mention joining to make Half Life, you mentioned it to make E-rated games from the 90’s.

I’m not really sure if your quasi-random posts are simply from being moderately autistic, but judging from your game thread and your posting history, I really do not think you were quite ready to participate in the wide world known as the internet.

Rather, it might be better for you to log off for a while and just focus on creative work and communication/comprehension skills. Otherwise you’re only hurting yourself.

You don’t have to be part of a secret society to take drastic measures to prevent secrets from becomming public knowledge and those secrets don’t have to be worth hiding for someone to feel a need to hide them either.

Lots of people have a number of things they’d rather keep secret from prying eyes. I read an article about the recent hack of government employee information and what I read was that one of the biggest fears at this point is that a competing nation may be in possesion of “blackmailable” information on any number of government employees ranging from janitors to CIA agents. This means that any one of those people, no matter how loyal to their country, could become a liability because the very real probability is that a lot of those people have secrets, not necessarily related to their job, that they’d be willing to do whatever it takes to keep secret.

“They” are only controlling your will if you let them. Believing that conspiracy theory crap is the first step to letting them. Wicca membership? LOL. If you are a ‘member’ of Wicca, it’s not Wicca.

An interesting paradox, one can only control your will if you let them meaning it was your will that others control your will ergo you are ultimately still in control of your will.

Illuminati in latine dialect is Enlighting Mind so there’s way to increase my 80 IQ to maybe 600 or 900 IQ.There’s way to skip original way to increase iq,but with slower way not faster.I never want to have RFID chip on my body so maybe i’ll be mason officially?

edit: never mind

Still going on about finding mystical ways to raise your IQ level to values that are technically impossible? Is this what this thread is technically about?

There are plenty of proven ways to raise your IQ levels and train your brain. Not only that, but you can put hope in the fact that the level is not as permanent as it was once thought to be. Find some books and applications containing brain exercises and go through them (to improve thinking skills), also make sure to exercise regularly as that can also increase brain mass (and don’t forget to practice good sleeping habits).

at least it exist something like LEGO video games multipliers so 2 mutliply 80 and i have 160.I’m person who’s little psychotic,less intelligent,less creative and shy.

Hello Dave. My IQ is 6000.
You can always start your own secret club.