I’m a newbie and I’m trying to do the winter scene. When I try to join the nose to the snowman it doesn’t want to attach, I’ve tried in both edit and object mode. I’ve selected the snowman body, clicked on ctrl+j, when I go into front view the nose is of to the right. Is the way it is suppose to be? Am I missing something in the tuturiol?
Blender will be a blast once I get some of this things down.
Thanks Scott

I don’t know what could be wrong.

Grab your (separate) snowman and carrot meshes and position them together. (They should both be meshes, i.e. the same type of object --just in case they aren’t.)

In Object Mode select the nose, press Ctrl-A --> Apply Size and Rotation, then shift-select the snowman and press Ctrl-J --> Join Selected Meshes.

If that doesn’t work post a blend.

Just to clarify; Ctrl-J needs 2 meshes to be selected and will join the first-selected to the last-selected. It does not position the nose or button or whatever you want adjoined to the mesh (you need to do that beforehand), what it does is take both selected meshes, evaluate and store where each vertice, edge and face is in relation to the last-selected object’s Object Center (little ball) and convert all that info into the new MeshData of the last-selected (active) Object.