Joker in the Dark Knight


I made a joker using Blender 3D.
sculpting modeling retopology texture material rigging animation render all i did.

“Rebuild subdivide,” version 2.9 of the blender, was very impressive.
With the addition of the “face set” function, I felt that masking in’Sculpt mode’ became very convenient.
I am very happy with the enhancement of the blender.
I was able to simulate hair using’Hair dynamics collision’ supported in 2.83.



Great making-of video, the facial rig was the highlight for me.


thank you~ i need to more study

hello make some tutorial (or breakdown) of your rig, mainly the facial and other setups you made for the ik-fk bones, drivers, shape keys,et, and btw did you use cloth simulation for the clothes animation?

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clothes animation?? cloth ani is just rigg, not simulated. :grinning:

but pants end parts use weggle bone. make shaking, and use shapekey

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I just subscribed to your channel, I hope to learn more from your works, this was amazing.

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thank you~ :grinning: :laughing:

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you. I will more study and try. Many thanks!~ :grinning:

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