Jonathan - third attempt on body

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve been working a bit with a new human model, although I need some serious feedback on how to improve and with what techniques. Any tips are welcome too. Well, here he is. Jonathan, up to his hip.

Not bad! I usually start at the top, and go from there, but great job! Can we see a wireframe?

The knees/legs are very good, but the feet are off a little. they are too blocky and small. the boxers texture is very good! (lol)

Yeah, just noticed, theres not enough definition at the balls of the feet.

Oh, right, the wireframe. Thanks a lot for the feedback. This is the wireframe (zoomed in at feet & legs)

um…is not pulling it up. Try hosting on dot com)

Very nice texturing. The feet are really boxy, though.

the toes look taller than they should be, other than that, great job so far!