Joshua's Dorm Room

hi it is my last and I just post on critique forum,too. I am just disappoint and not really satisfy with my result. I have about 100 frames insteads of 400 frames to render. My computer was not allow as being farm render. I thought 100 frames for 3 sec to save my time on render and able to upload to youtube. So, I would able to edit into slow motion into 29 sec to publish it quickly. It turns not what I expected. here is what result looks like. So, Any suggestion to make good quality video when it slow motion in any video service that has quality slow motion to avoid being freeze or take so longer on Blender Render on my cpu. I called my laptop as being mini farm render, lol.


Time ago i used this: and was giving good results with default settings if there are no strangely moving parts.

@mik1190- I just checked that link out. Look good. I have VLC player but it keeps freeze while edit process. I gave up. Then, I use youtube. It is why you can see the picture was not good even it has x10 slow motion thru youtube arrgh. So, i can try slowmovideo. Again, Thank you for this link. :slight_smile: