Journeyman Tribute Game Project ongoing.

Hello Everyone,

I’m Ioannis Kypraios and I am the community liaison for the Journeyman Tribute Project. For those of you who don’t know what that is, the JourneymanTribu is a fan made remake of the first Journeyman Project by Presto Studios. The project was started by Andy Curry more than a year ago and as you can see on his blog-post things have been progressing quite a bit lately.


Anyways I am taking this opportunity to invite you all to join our twitter page on:

and get involved in our community. Please spread the word, tell your friends, help us make this game a reality :wink:

To get directly in touch with Andy you can email him through his blog at :

Alternatively tweet me on our project twitter and I will forward your messages to him.

Merry Xmas to every single one of you! :wink:

Sorry for another post just wanted to send people the link to our Community blog. All feedback is welcome :wink: