jowl flab deformation test

(slikdigit) #1

using armatures and action constraints:
this is an improved version of what I showed on irc
again, its just a test of the (still incomplete) rigging.

(wewa_juicyb) #2

sweet, love it! can’t wait to see the whole thing animated! Reminds me of the guy in StarWars.


(pofo) #3

Haha, that’s great :slight_smile:

The helmet (?) looks and sits is a little strange, but otherwise the model looks very good.
And I must say I’m envious of your animating skill.

  1. pofo

(slikdigit) #4

thanks for the coments. He does look a little like jaba now that you mention it. An accidental resemblence, I prom- George! how did you get here? It was a mistake I -AAAAAAAggggggggghhhhhhhhh

sorry. Pofo, you’re right, the helmet needs some work. some kind of brim or something to ‘stick’ it onto the head nicely. I’ll do some thinking there (trying to keep the models as simple as they need to be- but no simpler)
ps: yup it’s a helmet of sorts- a cross between a helmet, a chess bishop’s top and a real bishop’s hat.

(seval) #5

Looks like one of my former bosses. Yelling for more pie. Anyway… only one small criticism. It looks as if you modeled his head with the mouth fully open, causing a very deep crease when the mouth is closed. Am I wrong or is this from the armatures ?

(kaktuswasse) #6

very nice animation though the textures arent that good :wink:

cya henrik

(slikdigit) #7

thanks for the comments folks (I thought this thread was long forgotten)
seval: actually I modelled the character in precisely the pose you object to! he’s actually in an ‘extreme’ grin, hence teh creases (I call them dimples) on the sides of his mouth. Anyway, blenshapes have yet to be done (sorry, RVKs) since I have to be sure I’m done making modifications to the mesh of any sort first. The one that I did for this animation (pulling the lips in) has been deleted for that reason.
kaktuswasse: I agree the textures aren’t there. Nothing is finsihed yet, though I do have some rough UV unwrapping on this char at this point. I’m currently working on set/prob design and modelling for the first few shots. I’ll come back to texturing the characters in a bit (I have yet to decide what to do about eyebrows)and then of course, theres making lots of morph targets. and the hand armatures setup. and lighting. and. and.
see ya’ll in a few decades :wink: