Joystick and Global Orientation from the axis?


Goal: i am using a stick joystick in the game engine and would like to have the charcter face the direction i am pulling the joystick (in other words, if i pul it right, the charcter should face right. pull towards me the chacter shoud turn to face me etc.).

What i’m stuck with: Iv’e had no trouble getting the joystick to control moving and rotating, but havent been able to get it to do this. I assume the key is global orientation, but i’m not sure how to extract that from the joystick axis values?
(actually, not even really sure what the numbers i’m getting from “joy.axisValues[0]” mean… so even an explanation for that might prove usefull…)

extra challange: to make matters worse i’m trying to do this in an old game written in 2.49…

Ideas on how to do this?

I guess you mean a Camera relative alignment/movement.

While this was not created with 2.49 it does not use anything that was not available. So you can use the same principles in 2.49. Look for vertex parent (it is not easy to see).